Simply goes international: US and Great Britain as new countries

„Simply“ already available in 5 countries


Dezember 3, 2013 – Less than 6 months after its start in Germany, Simply is now available in 4 more countries. Besides Austria, Simply also supports news from the United States, Great Britain and Ireland. 

Simply is a news aggregator that gathers all news from a country, classifies articles, and determines their relevance. Additionally, Simply generated automatic summaries of articles. That requires some unique technology that needs to be fine-tuned for each language. Relevance assessment also requires semantics knowledge about content, in order to compare and assess articles.

Simply started with German as a language and the related support for German and Austrian content sources. Now, all technologies are also ready for English and the respective countries. More languages are in preparation.

„We always had the goal to offer Simply globally“, states Kristof Nast-Kolb, Director of Cloud Technologies at Simply. „All our technologies are designed for internationalization and each additional language requires less and less time.“


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Pylba Inc, an international startup with headquarters in California and strong engineering in Germany, creates new services that enable news consumption on mobile devices in unique ways. The mobile app „Simply“ aims to become the standard for quickly getting an informed overview on what is relevant and new. Pylba has secured investments from HTGF, strategic partners and business angels. For more information about Pylba, please visit:

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