New features and extended content

„Simply“ gets substantially extended


October 21, 2013 – News app „Simply News“ offers important enhancements and additional content categories.

User can get breaking news through push notifications that Simply derives from analyzing thousands of sources.

Simply users can now also actively participate in polls that are offered for popular news themes. Given Simply’s large user base, results are available in a statistically meaningful way, often much earlier than from traditional survey sources.

Simply offers additional content in various lifestyle categories that get rolled out internationally. This includes categories such as „Digital“, „People“, „Movies&TV“, „Cars“ and „Knowledge“. Local news are available for a growing number of locations, in some countries about 2,000 localities are already supported. User-defined keyword searches access a news pool of more than 1 million articles per month and support discovery of many interesting articles.


About Pylba

Pylba Inc, an international startup with headquarters in California and strong engineering in Germany, creates new services that enable news consumption on mobile devices in unique ways. The mobile app „Simply“ aims to become the standard for quickly getting an informed overview on what is relevant and new. Pylba has secured investments from HTGF, strategic partners and business angels. For more information about Pylba, please visit:

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