Image galleries and videos are now supported

App-as-a-Service: Multimedia formats are now supported in mobile apps


June 23, 2014 – Pylba’s App-as-a-Service solutions now also support videos and image galleries. Content can now be deployed in more variations and more compelling. 

With increasing bandwidth availability, multimedia content becomes more popular, also via mobile devices tat are connected by wireless home networks or GSM.

Thus, more and more publishers offer at their portals own and licensed videos and image galleries that are heavily consumed by their users. Following this trend, Pylba has extended its technology platform and facilitates the display of multmedia formats.

The unique capabilities of mobile devices are used for these formats. Large images can be shifted automatically by small tilts of the device, using the gyro sensor of the phones and tablets.

Videos are started with just one tap and follow the device from portrait to landscape positions and back.


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